Things you might not have known you could do in Chrome DevTools

A few tips and tricks that you can use in Chrome DevTools

Underneath the component: theme driven design systems

Creating more open and flexible UI systems by breaking components into smaller parts and using design tokens to encourage experimentation and keep code DRY.

Things I want to learn/improve in 2019

I recently read this great post from Dan Abramov about being open about gaps in your own knowledge

5 things to consider before building your living styleguide

It's been about 6 months since we properly began to integrate our living styleguide (Chameleon) into

How to name Sass color variables

When it comes to naming Sass variables, I suck. I think I've found the perfect solution, get half

A few lessons learnt from my first year in a design team

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post on the Pusher blog about a few lessons that I learned after

SVG Progress Circles Part 2 - With JavaScript

This is a follow on post from my previous post a few weeks ago, about implementing an SVG progress

Inlining SVG's with Rails

As part of our recent redesign of the Pusher dashboard, we changed the way that we bring in icons

Managing font weights with Sass

Managing font families and weights shouldn't be a big deal. Add the font family to the body tag, and

Pure SVG Progress Circles

Progress circles are a classic dashboard element. They provide stats in a quick to digest view

Managing the z-index with Sass

As it goes, the z-index can quickly become a messy thing to control, particularly in a large code

Installing a Positive SSL certificate on Nginx

This is a quick guide of how to install an SSL certificate on an nginx server. It assumes that you

Searching multiple tables with one query with Laravel

Whilst developing the back-end for my final year project (redesign of Panasonic Global), I ran in to

Tools that I use on a daily basis

I always find it interesting to see what tools and techniques other developers use in their workflow

Random HEX Colour Generator in JavaScript

I first made this when I was getting started with jQuery. At the time, I guess it seemed like a good