Tools that I use on a daily basis

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I always find it interesting to see what tools and techniques other developers use in their workflow. Of course these are often dictated by the team, and scoped to the project. None the less, here's a quick rundown of design/development tools that I use day to day.

Design - Sketch

I've been using Sketch on and off for projects for the past couple of months. However, since starting at Rareloop as a part-time developer, it's become the go-to design tool. Although I still use Photoshop every now and then for more advanced graphic/photo manipulation.

Text Editor - Sublime Text 3

Nuff said.

Task Runner - Grunt

Grunt manages all of my front-end tasks, from compiling Sass to optimizing images. I should note though, that I recently dropped Grunt from the workflow for this site, due there simply not being the need for it. Instead I switched over to ruby based tools (Jekyll Assets, autoprefixer-rails).

Database Management - Sequel Pro

I mainly use Sequel Pro to play with databases that have already been implemented. I still opt for the migration workflow if I'm developing with Laravel.

With new tools and techniques coming out daily, my workflow is always changing, so this is in no way a definitive list.